The Iberian Project

Iberian Project / Iberiese Projek

In recent years there has been renewed interest in the genetic diversification of the Nooitgedachter. The warning from geneticists and veterinarians to keep prioritizing genetic diversification is a serious matter. Donor breeds to achieve this goal were earmarked already in the 1980s. There were even a Nooitgedacht delegation that visited Spain in search of possible stallions to import.

However due to circumstances this dream was never realized until the importation of more good quality Lusitanos and PRE Andalusians in recent years, it finally became more accessible . This created the opportunity to revisit the Iberian project.

There are basically two routes breeders could follow. The one of which Braam Olivier (Breivilo Stud) chose to follow, entails the breeding and back breeding with Lusitanos to concentrate the Lusitano genetics using various Lusitano stallions. The project as a whole will be presented to the Nooitgedacht Breed Society at which time the decision will be made if these horses will be retained and at what level will they be accepted into the Studbook.

The other route is the more conventional route and has been employed by the Nooitgedacht Breed since its inception almost 70 years ago. Up-grading breeding entails the introduction of new genetics by always breeding them back to SP Nooities and within 4 generations such "new" genetics will be able to receive SP status. Karorado Stud and Destalsmit has F1 generation PRE Andalusian x Nooities already on the ground. They used the ANCCE liscenced stallion, Calvero Esclavo FM, owned and competed by Candice Hobday.

Main difference between the two routes is the time it would take to establish new genetics and the percentage Nooitie vs New blood would be in subsequent stock. From a breeder's perspective the weight would probably need to fall more toward the Iberian continuum because previously it was heavily weighted toward the Arabian (oriental) continuum. Seeing that the original horses that our horses herald from consisted of Spanish, Javan Pony, Arabian and African Barb; there would be case for introducing African Barb as well. Unfortunately at this stage availability and the effort it would take to distill the best from that breed would not be viable due to their notoriously unconventional conformation.



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