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Kontakpersoon: Johan Schreuder

Telefoonnommer: 083 844 3614

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Fisiese Adres/Area: Upington

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The Kleinwitberg stud was established in 1969 in the Northern Cape, and consists of six brood mares out of the Patroon (Poepies) line.

Horses are selected for their calm temperament, love for people and intelligence. Strict evaluation of athletic, graceful movement, balance and a natural proud appearance.

Horses with high head carriage, strong loins and correct leg conformation are essential. Only quality horses with exceptional spirit, high level of endurance and which keep condition in the veldt are selected.

Versatile horses which can be utilized as show, farm, sport, child, pleasure and breeding horses are available at the Kleinwitberg Nooitgedacht Stud.


Kleinwitberg Nooitgedacht Stud strives through continuous selection based on an objective measuring system and a sophisticated breeding, schooling and training program to produce horses that will excel in the sport arena as well as pleasure horses.

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Kleinwitberg Amber

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